Mergers & Acquisitions

Our professional team is adept at leading companies in transition, through an expert capability in distressed M&A and financing. Whether opportunistically buying a company undergoing transformation, divesting an impaired asset or seeking replacement financing to take advantage of growth opportunities or simply remain a going concern, we recognize that the right advice and connectivity can make all the difference in determining the winners and losers.
Access to capital allows for investment in people, ideas, product, acquisitions, and ultimately, in growth over the long-term. And these investments have never been more paramount than now, at a time when competitive pressures continue to drive consolidation and investors and businesses to hold on tight to cash, while opportunities more frequently come to market. Distressed M&A transactions require a comprehensive study of target companies and resolution of the various challenges, such as govenment compliance, that often arise from this process.
Our team is qualified to navigate the complexities of distressed deal making to uncover financial and business growth opportunities for clients ranging from automotive, energy, defence, electronics, mining, construction and other important complex industries. We understand the importance of effectively identifying appropriate, trusted sources of funding and executing against our clients' objectives to affect the most advantageous outcomes.

Our company assists clients in providing for shareholder liquidity through strategic mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, asset divestitures, company sales and recapitalizations.
We offer our clients in domestic and international markets our extensive transaction experience and a thorough understanding of the issues facing family owned and closely-held companies.
Special Transaction services include:
•Private Equity and Patient Capital Sourcing
•Acquisitions for Strategic Growth
•Joint Ventures
•Divestiture of Assets or Corporate Subsidiaries
•Company Sales
•Corporate Restructuring
•Valuation Services
•Corporate Recapitalizations



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